Balimmune Cyanide Test Kit

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Balimmune is a test designed to measure the amount of cyanide in your body water. This our exclusive method, a person can gain valuable insight about their health and immune system balance. We are pleased to bring this much needed test to you, designated by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in 2006 as a much needed test in the industry to measure for cyanide levels in the body. Through our book sold on Amazon, “Healthy Poison: The Road to Balimmune”, you can learn ways to proactively take charge of your own health and how you can utilize Balimmune and our services to better improve your health further. Order your test today and find out how much poison is in your body water today. After ordering Balimmune, you will receive a package including supplies to bottle your sample and a return shipping label. Upon receiving your sample, our professional staff will quantify the cyanide in your body water and submit your results to this website attached to your account as a printable document (PDF) along with steps to better improve your health and cyanide levels. Refer to the video below for instructions and a demonstration. We recommend you print your results and share them with your document so that you may discuss our recommendations before starting them.

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